Gala Bingo's new lobby will make you play happy

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  • By Sam Coleman
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A new Gala

Gala Bingo has a new lobby system for roomies and we’re thoroughly impressed with it.

The new lobby is faster and easier to use, with a bunch of neat features to improve the player experience.

You can play in multiple rooms at once and flick between them quickly by using the new tab system. Pre-buying multiple tickets is also much easier now - simply head to the Schedule and buy tickets to as many games as you like!

If you’re easily distracted, you’ll love the new slot game feature too. While in a bingo room, you can open up to three mini slot games to keep yourself entertained between games.

A new side menu lets you access your account from the lobby, letting you make a deposit or change information from one screen.

Players also asked for more social features, so Gala have added new tabs at the side of chat rooms to help you stay in touch with roomies.

If you’re part of a Team Bingo game, you’ll also be able to see how your team is doing from one of these tabs.

Farm bingo

Need a reason to try out the new lobby? Gala Bingo has a new Emmerdale lobby and it’s only accessible from the new system.

Featuring Emmerdale themed bingo calls and images from the soap, fans are sure to be delighted with this new addition.

It’s already popular with roomies and we’re sure there’s going to be a bunch of tie-in promotions with the soap down the line, so try it now!

We expect to see more sites introduce most of these features at some point - Gala Bingo is like looking into the future right now! Have a look for yourself and see if it leaves you singing galalala!

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