Gala Bingo announces 52 Lives partnership

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  • By Sam Coleman
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Play happy, do good

Gala Bingo has unveiled a new partnership with charity 52 Lives which sees the site aiming to generate £52,000 in 52 weeks.

52 Lives aims to change someone’s life every week. The charity posts a person’s story each week and asks people to donate to help improve that person’s life for good.

To help raise money for the charity, Gala Bingo will be hosting linked games each week where 100% of profits will go straight to 52 Lives.

These games play every Sunday at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm. To play, simply head to the City, Castle, Country, Mountain or Royal rooms.

Tickets cost 25p each and there’s a fixed prize jackpot of £150. Players can buy a maximum of 72 tickets to each game.

As said earlier, Gala Bingo aims to raise £52,000 in 52 weeks. There’s no count on the website, but you can help out by playing in these linked games each week.

You can also nominate a story to 52 Lives through Gala’s site. If you know somebody who is experiencing difficulties, nominate them through Gala Bingo and see if you can help!

Help change lives today!

If you’re new to Gala Bingo, you can still get involved with the new charity games. Register today and you’ll be able to play straight away.

Plus, when you sign up, you’ll also earn some extra playing funds. New players receive £30 in bonus funds when they spend £10 on bingo tickets.

You’ll also receive seven days access to Gala’s Newbie Room, where you can play for a total of £8,400 in free bingo games.

Sign up today and help Gala raise money for a great cause.