Free Olympics 2020 trump cards game

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Olympics 2020 trump cards
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This summer marks the return of the Olympic Games, with Japan the host nation and Tokyo selected as the host city. Originally, these games were supposed to take place in summer 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will now begin with the opening ceremony on Friday, 23rd July 2021.

You may have already seen our Olympics 2020 Gold Rush sweepstakes game that you can organise with your friends, but maybe you're looking for something you can play with your children during the summer holidays? Our Olympics trump cards game is both a fun a game you can play at home or take away with you on trips, and an arts and crafts activity for kids of all ages!

What is trump cards?

If you aren't familiar with trump cards, it's one of the biggest card games in the world and comes in every variety you can think of. Whether it's Harry Potter, volcanoes, cars or dinosaurs, there's likely a deck for whatever you may be interested in.

Trump cards is more than just a card game though, as it can also be an educational game for kids! Each card features facts or statistics relating to the character/subject, and players must strategically choose one of these stats to compare. The winner is the person who has the biggest number, and the loser must hand their card over.

2-6 players can get involved, and the player who ends up with every card in their hand wins the game. It's as much a game of chance as it is a game of strategy, so it can be played over and over!

Our game works exactly the same as any other trump card game, and we've created a deck of cards that are themed after 36 countries that are taking part in this year's Olympic games.

How to make and play Olympics trump cards

You will need:

  • 1 x printer
  • 1 x scissors (per person) - safety scissors are recommended for kids.


  • 3 x empty cereal boxes
  • 1 x glue stick (per person)
  • 36 x plastic card sleeves

This game is a perfect arts & crafts activity for kids on summer holiday, as part of a club or even just at home with friends and family! Grab the above materials and follow the instructions below. These instructions are also included with the rules in the below downloads!

To get started with Online Bingo's Olympics 2020 trump cards game, simply download the files at the bottom of this article and get cutting! Each page has 6 cards on it, each depicting a different country and featuring some key Olympic Games stats.

Once you've cut out all 36 cards, you can either start playing immediately by following the included rule book, or optionally you can print out our Olympics 2020 card back and stick them to the back of your cards to make it feel more authentic and prevent any cheating!

If you want to make these cards more durable and play over and over again, why not stick the sheets of cards to an old cereal box before you cut it? Then you can simply stick the card backs on to have some official looking Olympics trump cards!

Optionally, you can also purchase plastic card sleeves (less than £2 for a pack of 100 on Amazon) and put your cards inside them, this will ensure that they won't be ruined by any spills, pen marks or accidental bends!

How to play Olympics 2020 trump cards

Now you've got your deck of cards ready to go, you can read the rules included in the downloads pack and start playing!

It's very simple though; simply shuffle the deck, deal out cards evenly between the players and take it in turns choosing a stat to compare - the highest number or earliest date wins the round! The winner gets all of the losers cards, and the first person to hold the whole deck wins the game.

Those are just the basic rules, however you can play the game however you like. Why not keep a tally of how many times you win against your friends and family? You could even mix it up and start challenging each other using Olympics trivia, or play a game of higher or lower with the whole deck.

Now you've got your game, you can play throughout the Olympics wherever you are - at home, in the car or on holiday! Our Olympics trump cards are a perfect summer holidays activity for kids.

Download your Olympics trump cards

To download your game and get started, simply click the link below to download a PDF containing all 36 cards (split across 6 sheets of A4 paper) and the rules and instructions for creating your deck of trump cards. Just below that, you'll see a link to a PDF file containing 36 card backs, however this is entirely optional and you can play the game without this!

Download your do-it-yourself trump card kit

Download your themed card backs (optional)