Man hosts bingo night for his whole street, and you can too!

Man hosts bingo night for his whole street, and you can too!

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With our day to day lives upended for the coming weeks, It’s been uplifting to see videos of the inventive ways that the British public are beating boredom whilst staying at home and following the social distancing guidelines!

Whether it’s a street dancing together (2 meters apart, of course) or grandparents visiting newborns for the first time through closed windows, the nation is doing a good job of keeping ourselves busy.

One video that we found particularly inspiring and ingenious was of a man from Wales hosting a game of isolation bingo for his entire street! Clearly an experienced caller, the man handed tickets out to all his neighbours and opened his windows to call numbers and award prizes (with a few jokes in between for good measure).

Glamorous prizes included a bar of soap, a bag of rice and much-needed glass of prosecco, among others. Not quite the jackpot at your favourite online bingo site, but the real prize was a bit of human communication and some fun with the neighbours! We think this video is excellent and goes to show how clever the British public can be when we’ve got nothing to do! Watch the full video here.

Bolton street bingo caller

Host your own bingo night at home

We think this is such a great idea that we want to make it easier for you to do the same with your friends and family! We’ve already shown Online Bingo readers how to play virtual bingo with friends, using your webcam and a random number generator to start having fun straight away. This time however, we’ve created a whole set of bingo tickets and a caller sheet that you can download for free! 

These free downloadable bingo resources come with 60 tickets split across 10 sheets, so you can share them out between as many people as you want to play with! They are also numbered and labelled so you can send them to your friends, family and neighbours and easily communicate who’s tickets are who’s. If you’re new to bingo, we have a handy guide to 90 ball bingo that you can swot up on before your big bingo night! 

Whether you choose to play virtual bingo, street bingo like the video above or if you host a family bingo night in your own home, you’re going to need a caller! We’ve included a handy caller sheet with all the bingo nicknames so you can get the full feeling of being in a bingo hall! Whether you decide to give out prizes or just play for glory is down to you, but try not to fight over who shouted ‘HOUSE’ first…


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