Eurovision is Coming: UK Ranks in Highest All-Time Point Scorers

The UK ranks as one of the all-time highest Eurovision point scorers since the competition began.

Eurovision song contest

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As the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest final approaches, it's worth considering how well the UK has actually performed over the years. This year, the contest takes place in Malmö.

So, it might be about three decades since the UK won the Eurovision, but as point scoring goes, it's really up there according to William Hill Vegas research.

In actual fact, the UK ranks as one of the all-time highest Eurovision point scorers since the competition began.

The top ten

Since the Eurovision Song Contest started in 1956, the UK has amassed more total points than Germany, Ireland, France, and Spain.

The UK ranks third out of all the countries, with a whopping total of 4,571 points. In front of the UK (what's a few hundred points?) in second place is Italy with 4,859.

Sweden has the highest number of points since the start of the competition, with 6,471.

France, Norway, Ukraine, Russia, and Israel fall behind the UK in the top ten.

Be positive

While the UK was a poor contender last year in Liverpool with only 24 points, in 2022, Sam Ryder pulled in 466 points.

So, the UK might just have what it takes to win its sixth title this year. Or, if nothing else, it might hang on to third in overall points scored.

According to William Hill, the UK has the odds 40/1 this year, and Italy has 12/1. Croatia are favourites at 4/5, with Ukraine at 7/1 and Switzerland at 3/1.

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