Will DWP Gambling Rules Impact Universal Credit Benefit Payments?

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will review the entitlements to benefits for those on Universal Credit.

universal credit

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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will review the benefits entitlements of those on Universal Credit under a Targeted Case Review. They will review about two million individuals to ensure there are no fraudulent claims.

Universal Credit errors

Those on Universal Credit will have their claims reviewed either by the DWP officials or by staff hired on a temporary basis to dig into cases. Such reviews include the request to review bank statements to ensure that claims are genuine and check for gambling wins.

Gambling rules according to DWP

According to the DWP: 'Winnings obtained from gambling activity do not meet the definition of earnings within Universal Credit Regulation 52 and are not taken into account as an unearned income. Any profit made from gambling activity will only be considered within Universal Credit as part of a person's capital.

'It is the customer's responsibility to advise DWP of a change in their circumstances that would affect their benefit and for means-tested benefits, this includes receiving gambling winnings which increase the total capital held and impact their award.'

What does this mean?

Universal Credit includes capital limits, so the benefits could be stopped or reduced if an individual's savings exceed the limits. If the DWP believe someone has significant undeclared capital (for example, from large gambling wins), they may request an investigation of bank statements.

If an individual's capital exceeds £6,000, the benefits will be reduced.

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