Credit cards are now banned on online gambling sites

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  • By Max Wright
credit card ban starts today
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As of today, April 14th 2020, players can no longer deposit at online gambling sites using a credit card. This means if you use a credit card to deposit at your favourite online bingo site, you will want to find a new bingo payment method to keep playing.

The credit card ban was officially announced back in January after pressure from the UK government and a consultation by the Gambling Commission that took place between August and November 2019. The Commission’s report determined that players who deposit using a credit card can easily become detached from the feeling of spending money, making it easier to spend what you don’t have, simply because it is available to borrow. 

The report also uncovered that 22% of players who deposit using credit cards are problem gamblers. This is an unreasonably high number considering a recent gambling habits survey determined problem gamblers only make up an estimated 0.5% of the UK’s gamblers. By removing credit cards as a gambling option, the Gambling Commission intends to remove that option from those who may be at risk.

What does this mean for you?

If you have a credit card set up on an online casino site, from today you will no longer be able to deposit using it. All your funds previously deposited with the credit card are safe though. In some circumstances you may need to remove the credit card as a payment method before you can add another form of payment, like a debit card.

However, we know that there are some of you who don’t like using your debit card online, particularly on gambling sites. Well, there are options out there that let you to gamble online without having to use your debit card! Our list of casino payment methods includes eWallets like PayPal and Neteller and pre-paid voucher options like Paysafecard that can keep your details and bank account safe and secure.