How To Know When Slot Machines Will Hit

The world of slot machines and other gaming is full of myths, anecdotes and other little hacks that seem to promise us unlimited wealth.

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Sep 5, 2018

Can You Trick A Slot Machine?

It’s one of the most controversial issues for any slot machine player – can you trick a slot machine? The gambling world is full of myths and anecdotes

Sep 5, 2018

Can Casinos Control Slot Machine Payouts?

With modern slot machine technology now relying on computer generated outcomes, it’s very easy for players to assume that the casino has all the power when it comes

Sep 5, 2018

What Slots Can You Play At A Casino?

The humble land-based casino slot has changed since 1891 when it was first invented in Brooklyn, New York. Back then, the slot machine was based on poker, containing five drums

Sep 5, 2018

Are Slot Machine Payouts Random?

It’s one of the oldest questions in the gambler’s book: are slot machine payouts really random? Supposedly, as the saying goes, “the house always wins&

Sep 5, 2018

Differences Between Online Slots And Land-Based Slots

Slot machines are by far one of the most popular forms of gambling. From the retro One Arm Bandit to the thousands of games available online – they've

Jul 26, 2018

Can You Predict When A Slot Will Pay Out?

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the humble slot machine. After all, they’re a staple of many casinos, bars and cafes across the world.

Slot machines,

Jul 3, 2018

What Does RTP Mean?

The great thing about the world of online casino gambling is that it has something for newbies and veterans alike. Newcomers can focus on finding all the games they like,

Mar 27, 2018