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Ladbrokes Bingo Review

Ladbrokes Bingo Review


We know what you’re thinking. With the first three letters of Ladbrokes being L-A-D, this bingo website must be for the lads.

Well, it’s true that the company, which was founded in 1886, traces its roots to horse racing. Over the years Ladbrokes expanded into bookmaking for football, and then into other sports and forms of gaming – both physical and virtual. So we assure you, Ladbrokes online bingo site is not just for lads… it definitely appeals to ladies too.

What you should also know is that in July 2015, Ladbrokes merged with Gala Coral Group. Big deal, right? It is. Because Gala Coral Group owns the popular Gala Bingo online website. So that means you can expect to see build on its already super strong rep and add even more cool and competitive features in the future.


The folks at Ladbrokes sure know how to offer an attractive welcome bonus. First of all, they’ve made it quick and easy to sign up. You can do it in one minute or less. Second, they’ve got an incentive so that when you make your first deposit of £10, you’ll get a £20 bingo bonus and a £10 ‘all games’ bonus. That means you’ll have £40 to play with. Last but not least, you’ll get access to the Guest Room (a room where you can play bingo for free!) for seven days.

There are other terrific promotions too. How does a birthday bonus sound? We like the Super Free Bingo held daily in The Attic (check for the specific times). The competition for the Roomie of the Week is great fun too. If you like to chat while you play, be sure to enter. You could win additional prizes.

And, well, there are so many more daily, weekly and monthly promotions at Ladbrokes online bingo site that we can’t begin to mention them all here. You’ll just have to log in regularly and check them out for yourself.


Ladbrokes has what you want – lots of classic 75- and 90-ball bingo games. Named for rooms in a big house, you can play in the Lucky Loft, Basement, Room with a View, Bedroom, Living Room, Snug and even the Garage (where numbers are called out at a speedy pace). We like to elevate our game, by heading up to the Attic or outside to The Treehouse.

There are some special branded rooms for fans of the TV game shows ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ and ‘Deal or No Deal’.

And Ladbrokes has some online bingo games you probably didn’t know you’d want… but you do! Take 80-ball bingo, for example. It’s exciting because you not only get to play lines horizontally, but also vertically and diagonally – and sometimes you get prizes for filling in all four corners.


With so many different types of slots and scratchcards at Ladbrokes online bingo site, there’s no chance you’ll ever get bored. Among the most popular are Big Top Tombola, Bouncy Balls, Britain's Got Talent Superstar, Clover Rollover, Fruity Burst and Mafia Millions.

Fireworkz Blitz is tops in our book. And it’s not because Fireworkz has been spelled with a zed, although we always love to see the letter Z. (Youz getz whatz weez mean?) We like Fireworkz Blitz because there are six colourful firework symbols with fun names – like the red one is called ‘Sparky’ and the yellow one is ‘Flash’. They’re all surrounded on the screen by a slightly alarming amount of neon purple smoke. Plus, the game seems to operate kind of like Tetris gone awry. You need to match five symbols – either horizontally or vertically – and often symbols are moving up and around, always changing your chances for those combos.

One more thing: We’d be remiss not to mention Chickeno (who doesn’t love watching a chicken knit and lay eggs?). It’s one of Ladbrokes’ many mini-games.


We’re calling it ‘mighty’ because Ladbrokes not only has a mobile app that you can download on any Apple or Android device, but it also has a mobile website. So if you don’t feel like downloading the app, just go to, click ‘Bingo’ and then click ‘Play Now’. On both the mobile app and the mobile site, you’ll find Ladbrokes’ most popular games as well as its chat feature.


We don’t usually like to wax poetic about online bingo websites, but if we were to compose a love letter to Ladbrokes Bingo it would be simple and might go something like this:

Dear Ladbrokes Bingo,

You have further fueled our longtime love of bingo, which started young. We visit your site. Often. Please don’t tell the other sites.


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