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Published October 4th, 2016
Updated October 4th, 2016

As advertising changes and grows more deceptive, honesty is becoming a vital but rare quality in the online world. Every overly good review of a product or site is usually followed by an overly bad one - who do you trust? That’s where we come in. is a new, honest resource for bingo and casino players. For our site reviews, we break down a site and thoroughly examine everything that is important to a potential player. Then, we score each aspect out of five to create an overall rating for each site. Want some more details? Take a look at our Review Criteria for an in-depth look at how we score every bingo site featured on

No Review, Quick Review and Full Review? What’s the difference?

We have three different types of review on, and they all serve a different purpose. A No Review has no review copy, no score and no star rating. No Review pages are often placeholders for new sites, while we review them or wait for them to open. We may also use No Review pages to indicate that a site is closed.

No review screenshot

No review example

Sites with a Quick Review have been reviewed by a member of the team, but they haven’t quite received the Full Review treatment. A Quick Review is a brief (but honest!) overview of a site. It serves as a good introduction to the site, but doesn’t go fully in-depth. Quick Review stars are blue, to indicate that the score is a first impression.

Quick review screenshot

Quick review example

A Full Review is what is built on. This is where we take an in-depth look at a bingo site, reviewing every individual aspect and coming up with a final overall score. For more details, take a look at our Review Criteria below.

Full review screenshot

Full review example

Full Reviews have a percentage score which is calculated automatically, based on the number of stars that each aspect has earned. A star score (out of 5) is then attributed to the site automatically, based on the percentage score. Here is the star breakdown:

Score Breakdown






Full review criteria

As you can see, it’s pretty hard to obtain five stars. If a site is awarded all five, you know it comes with our highest recommendation.

Review Criteria

Design Criteria

When reviewing Design & Usability, we look at the quality of design on a site, and whether it creates a good user experience for the player. If a site is quick and easy to navigate (while also looking great), it’s going to score high marks.

Customer Support

Hopefully, you won’t need too much help when you visit a site. However, when you do require assistance, you need to know that you’re in safe hands. We examine the contact options available on a site, how easy it is to find contact info, and response times in this category.

Bonuses & Promotions

Size isn’t everything. For a site to get a big score in this category, it needs to have a good, constantly updating set of quality, interesting promotions for players. Great artwork and high value prizes are an added bonus.

Device Compatibility

More and more bingo players are playing on mobile phones and tablets, so it’s important that bingo sites offer a great experience on all devices. To score top marks in this category, a site needs to be compatible with all devices without lowering the quality at all.

Safety & Security

Your safety means a lot to us - we will never send you to a site that is unsafe or unfair in any way. To ensure we stick to this, we check that every site we review is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. We also check sites to ensure they are using SSL Encryption and Secure URLs to keep players safe and secure.

Variety & Originality

How “new” is a new bingo site? Sadly, “not very” is often the answer. When we review a site, we’re always looking for original, new games. If we’re going to recommend a site, we want it to have something different and exciting for both bingo and slot players to enjoy.

Software & Gameplay Rating

Bingo sites are powered by various software providers, and these tend to offer the same experience across multiple sites. In a bingo review, this score will be dictated by the platform that the site is running on (unless it is using proprietary software, or offers a completely different experience) - we’ll be reviewing each platform individually to give you a better look into each one.

Payment & Withdrawal Options

Withdrawing winnings from a bingo site should be just as easy as depositing in the first place. Here, we’ll be looking at the number of payment/withdrawal options that are available on a site, while also judging whether withdrawal times are fair to the player. Entering bonus codes should also be a quick and painless experience, so we review every aspect of a site’s Banker system.

VIP Programme

It’s always nice to feel like a VIP. For our final review category, we take a look at a site’s VIP Programme, and judge whether it’s worth your time. Is it genuinely worth investing in a site’s reward system? We’ll let you know!

What is a Premium Listing ?

While wandering around, you might spot some blue Premium banners. If a site review or news article has a blue Premium box, it means that a site has purchased that space to advertise their site outside of our organic listings.

Category premium listing

Category Premium Listing example

News premium listing

News Premium Listing example

Our Site of the Month is another advertising space that appears in multiple spots across the site. This also carries a blue Premium banner, so it’s easy to differentiate from the other sites that we list.

Site of the month example

Site of the month example

Revenue from these Premium spaces keeps running, but it also helps ensure our organic listings and site reviews are honest and trustworthy.

User Reviews

Of course, your opinion is important too. Every review page has a section at the bottom for you to leave your thoughts on that site. Our user reviews page has more information on this, including some guidelines to help get you started.