Bubbly Bingo surfacing soon

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bubbly bingo surfacing soon
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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Stride Gaming have been cooking up a new bingo site and it’s nearly ready to taste!

Bubbly Bingo is rising to the surface and we’re expecting the bubble wrap to come off very soon.

What can we expect from the site though? Naturally, we expect the design to be rammed with bubbles, but Stride sites also tend to have cartoon mascots to stand out visually. Will Bubbly Bingo have a bubbly mascot to fit the name?

It’s likely that the site will also be launched with a TV commercial. Stride tend to support their new sites with plenty of advertising coverage, so Bubbly Bingo should be no exception.

Typically, Stride sites offer a very generous welcome bonus too. Lucky Pants Bingo and Kitty Bingo both offer 300% first deposit bonuses to new players. Bingo Extra does too, although it also offers a 100% slots bonus as an alternative.

Both Lucky Pants and Kitty hand new players 100 free spins too. No matter what promos are offered when Bubbly Bingo goes live, roomies are sure to get a good deal.


The range of games should be exciting too. Lucky Pants (as an example) offers 75 ball, 90 ball and the rarer 5 line variant as standard.

It also offers a huge range of unique slot games with a tailored range for each site. Scrolling through the instant range on many bingo sites can feel very repetitive; here’s hoping Bubbly Bingo offers something new and different!

We can’t wait to see Bubbly Bingo pop up on the internet; here’s hoping it comes soon!

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